Googles MUM new upcoming algorithm!

Mums the word!

In this article, I will be talking about MUM – not about your mother btw, but Googles newest update of its algorithm on how it looks at data.

What is Googles MUM

MUM is an acronym for Multi Task Unified Model. You remember BERT, if not no worries but this is 1000 times more powerful, as Googles Mum can answer complex questions that can’t be answered with just a few sentences in featured snippet. Or with any of the current technology.

This means MUM is a great leap forward in Googles Search Technology evolution trail

How will it impact my SEO

One of the great things about MUM of Google is that it uses all the information, even if it is in a totally different language.

According to Google, it can source any answers from across different languages. This makes total sense because an answer can make more sense in a different language which can be a better source of information than the one in your own language.

For example

If you look up a recipe, an article about making a pizza for example, if that article was written in Italian by an Italian pizzaiolo whose family has made pizza for 3 generations or by Charlie around in Leicester who never made a pizza in his life.

Would you go for Charlie, or for the pizzaiolo for the pizza recipe?

Another example Google uses the example of using native Japanese content for search queries related to hiking Mount Fuji, which can also drill down to subtopics that only a native might know about.

How MUM works!

When you do a search when would be active MUM then your keywords seem to break down, as MUM is able to answer complex question comprised of many different ways to look at it.

Here’s how Google’s announcement explains it:

“Since MUM can surface insights based on its deep knowledge of the world, it could highlight that while both mountains are roughly the same elevation, fall is the rainy season on Mt. Fuji so you might need a waterproof jacket.

In short, MUM will dig deeper and MUM and find better information and more useful and better-rated information, videos and images to help any searcher to find information.

By doing so MUM would provide results from several different websites which can be in different languages.

So it can be that a Japanese website ranks higher than an English one – since that Japanese website is seen as a better source for your search.

How can I optimise for this?

Simply said, we don’t know yet as the rollout will take months to perhaps years, as announced by Google. Due to the limited information provided by Google, I am not able to make any conclusions yet but I can say that this would the next step in SEO.

However it is a good time to review your SEO strategy, as many SEO companies still stick to old ways, as well some outdated such as using tags, keyword stuffing – which is now black hat SEO, so please do not do this.

Do I need to change my SEO strategy?

Now I hear you say, would this mean that some of your SEO strategies will become obsolete, yes some parts and some no. In recent years, Google has been moving to a more hybrid system, which uses the entire website than only one part of it. SEO is an evolving strategy,  there is no golden egg, as I always say tomorrow my current tactics can be obsolete.

Nowadays I focus on a wholesome tactic, a good blend of things like high-quality text,  speed of the website, mobile-friendly, relevant backlinks, UX, long-tail keywords and many other facets. Seeing how Google is evolving this would be a good approach or at least a good base to work from and then make changes depending on their future algorithm changes.

The days, of keywords only or just a couple backlinks, are over or soon will be – though still important, as they are indicators for Google you now need to have a wider approach to SEO. Google is getting smarter and can read your website more, and soon now also in different languages. So you will not only be competing in your own language but also others, so it is a good time to invest in your website, as more and more people look at businesses online and will visit you or buy on the same day and as well for reviews.