Client success story - How I designed a website and increased my client's sales.

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D Page Contractors, established in 2008, work with the domestic and commercial landscaping and building industries. Located in Godstone, Surrey, D Page Contractors are an official installation partner of FIRST BASE Ground Screws within the UK, which offer financial and practical benefits and are used in home DIY projects or by contractors. The company prides itself on offering a reliable, professional and high-quality service to the DIY market and trade.

Client Brief

D Page Contractors initially contacted me to create a website for them and set up their SEO to create an online presence. They didn’t have a website and decided it was time to increase their online visibility through SEO. Their website needed to highlight their services and products while also reflecting their personalised and approachable service.


After a thorough discussion with the client about their objectives, I focused on creating a website base that connected with their clients and resonated with the personalised service the D Page Contractors offers.
The website was developed in WordPress from a customised base theme, including all the branding and design. I also redesigned the company logo to reflect the service they offer.
As always, I put myself in the place of the customer who views the website. With that in mind, I created a modern and mobile-friendly website, taking into account the website user experience and ease of navigation.
D Page Contractors were clear that they wanted the website to be easily found online. Therefore, I created an SEO foundation that they can work from in the future, and I made the standard setup by creating unique meta description and titles for the main pages. In addition, I created Google My Business, Google Search Console and Analytics to promote local SEO and track how people use and find the website.
Due to the website’s success, I was contacted again by the client to make further changes to the site. Their objective was to focus the business on the Ground Screws service. Therefore, I amended the website to be entirely focused on Ground Screws and their uses and covering more large-scale projects while also staying in line with the consumer market.


The impact of the website (and the Ground Screws updates) I created was apparent in numerous ways:
  • Saved time – having all the information and contact details easily accessible online meant that D Page Contractors could refer new clients and queries to the website. This saved them time and provided a professional information site.
  • Increased sales – the website increased online sales and generated more enquiries for small and large projects in the South of England.
  • Renewed focus – due to the refocus of the website to the Ground Screws service and sales, D Page Contractors could focus entirely on the purchase and installation of Grounds Screws within eight months of the changes.
  • Improved online presence – by updating the SEO for the Ground Screws, traffic to the website grew from 30% to 80% per month.

Client Feedback

I made initial contact with Heike in March 2020 As I was interested to have a web page built and to encourage some traffic to a specific side of my business activity.  I was promptly invited to a meeting where I was able to explain my objectives for the coming year.  I was pleasantly surprised with Heikes action plan, not just for the website and SEO but the business as a whole.

The site was built over a few weeks as the necessary material and content were gathered before a soft launch of the site, it wasn’t long at all before the page was fine-tuned and appears as it does today.

Heike explained that the results of SEO is not something that happens overnight, but that being said we did start to notice some new enquiries coming in via google, which was fantastic.

2 years later, in many ways thanks to Heikes involvement the business is looking very different. Not only are we now solely focusing on the specific side of the business we were looking to expand on but we are experiencing a level of web traffic we really hadn’t anticipated for the small business that we are.

I believe a key reason for the online success we have experienced is Heike’s ability to explain in layman’s terms what can be done to improve a business’s online presence and reach its potential.  His willingness to learn about our business activity and roll that into the overall plan.

Thanks to Heikes efforts we are now in a position to increase the budget to facelift the web page and are excited to move into the next stage of the overall plan.

David Page, Director D Page Contractors


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